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Finland 2017

6th European Reality Therapy Conference, FINLAND 2017
Northern Perceptions for Choice Theory

Conference Report

The 6th European Reality Therapy Conference, FINLAND 2017 is behind us.
We met in Tampere, where for Finland it all begun: the first Reality Therapy training in Finland and the establishment of the Finnish Association. Approximately fifty people attended the conference. There were people from Australia, Croatia, England, Finland, Ireland, Scotland, Slovenia and USA.

We all had a chance to enjoy the conference as well as the beautiful environment of the Varala sports institute. I am convinced that we have taken this opportunity in the best possible way.
At the beginning of our gathering we were welcomed by our host Jari Harkenon. Jari emphasized that the conference theme 'Northern Perceptions' was not just a perception for the north of Finland, but it was their shared perception(s) of Dr. Glasser's Choice Theory and Reality Therapy - our common ground.

We had the pleasure to hear the message from the EART President, Danko Butorac. Among other things, Danko emphasized that both of two giants, Dr Glasser and Leon Lojk, who have passed away, still inspire us and live in us – in our beliefs, in our quality worlds.

Particular pleasure for us was to hear and see Kim Olver, executive director of the William Glasser International. She shared with us her opinion that whenever we support and encourage one another, we carry on Dr. Glasser's legacy. And whenever we teach others the information of Choice Theory, we are spreading the internal control psychology that has the power to change the world and create peace – between countries, in communities and within ourselves.

In the working part of the conference we had the opportunity to attend 18 workshops. We heard about the beauties and challenges of the Choice Theory, about change and choice, about creative ways of recovery from chronic pain and stress, about how we offer Choice Theory in different contexts, about coaching with Choice Theory, about life balance, good relationships with ourselves and others, about applying Choice Theory in working with youth, about perspectives in treating addictions; we heard about the pluralistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy; we enjoyed Choice Theory through fun and games; we had the opportunity to attend reality therapy in action - through a role play, and to see the Choice theory through LEAN glasses.

So ... total behaviour is a real Pandora's box ..... Our perception is like music ... Only seven basic notes make up many different music pieces ...just as our universal capabilities and characteristics make up a multitude of incredible and different perceptions ...

Because our perceptions rely on Choice Theory beliefs, we could not do anything but enjoy everything, and enjoy each other’s company.
Along with our workshops we had more opportunities for fun, laughter, music and good food. We had an organized great bus sightseeing tour around Tampere; we visited the reception at Central Vapriikki where we were welcomed by city officials, we had a great conference dinner with live music.

We had a chance to swim in the lake, try out saunas and bake the sausage ourselves. We had a great time with guitars, songs and music.
How do we sum it all up? Choice Theory is a brilliant theory, life is beautiful, and we are all so exceptional people.
Still, there is something unusual in all of this ... This is a rare conference where our night-time gatherings finished before the dark ... But, you know it wasn't because they were short-lived parties ... 

I am so happy and grateful that I am part of the CT family.

So long, with warm and friendly greetings to all of my CT sisters and brothers!

See you all, soon......

Ljiljana Šupraha
EART Vice-president

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